Who We Are

    AM Sound is the premier private lesson and creative audio service studio in Hamilton, OH. Offering both one-on-one instruction, as well as group classes, students have curriculum tailored to their individual needs and are given a well-rounded music education that includes recording and live performance opportunities.

     Our studio facilities can accommodate tracking your session here, or with our mobile recording rig we can record your special event on location. In addition to audio recording, AM Sound also offers drum/sound replacement, MIDI/programming, and mixing services.

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About Andy Mclain

Image by Sundel Perry Photography.

     Andy Mclain has spent his entire life as a musician.  Following a few false starts, Mclain began playing acoustic guitar and drums, adding electric guitar and bass a few years later.  Starting with just a borrowed 8-track recorder and MIDI software he began recording original music, then spent the next several years honing his skills.  He continued performing as both a solo artist and as a member of several rock/metal bands; he also began teaching guitar lessons on a part-time basis.

     In the summer of 2007, Andy Mclain signed on as a full-time instructor at Loveland Music Academy, where was one of the most in-demand instructors on staff and worked closely with the O’Keefe Music Foundation.

     Andy Mclain has been playing and performing for over 24 years, most recently with Americana duo Kicking Up Cinders.  As a studio musician he’s contributed parts to recordings by As Rome Burns and Euphoric Grey; as a mixing engineer he has collaborated with artists such as Gary Blanchard and Among The Exiled.

     In 2016, he and his wife Ashlee purchased a home in the historic Highland Park area of Hamilton, to open what has become AM Sound – a new music creation and education studio. In his downtime, Andy enjoys spending time with his wife and dog, Ginsberg, exploring his new hometown. He also participates in CrossFit, weightlifting, collecting vinyl records, and the culinary arts. In addition to running AM Sound, Mclain offers lessons at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts and is part of the build and design team at Waits Instruments.