“Wow, I don’t know what you did, but she got in the car last night and was VERY excited about learning from you.  I haven’t seen her that excited in a long time about anything! 

Its funny, but it took a lot of convincing to get her there (she wanted to take lessons from a kid in our neighborhood).  So, last night she said that she couldn’t believe she fought me on it and that I was right (every parent’s dream to hear that!)”

     – Christine L.

“I do lessons on guitar and drums with Andy. He lets me pick the songs that I want to play. He is really friendly and fun to work with. He challenges me and that helps me to advance.”

     – Logan F.

Thank you for taking Michael as your new student.  Michael is excited about learning new songs that he never thought he could play!  He really enjoys the lesson and looks forward to each week!

     – Beth B.

“I wanted to also thank you for nurturing Andrew’s interest in music.  Andrew loves to play his guitar, and I know that your mentoring is a big part of it.  You are making it fun.  He may not always be practicing the right stuff, but he sincerely loves playing the guitar.  It will be a great (and portable) hobby that he can enjoy for a long time to come. “

    – Sharon C.

“I became interested in playing the guitar but I never really “learned” to play the guitar. However, after a few months of instruction on the electric bass for my son, I couldn’t pass up the chance to try and formally learn the guitar from Andy. For my son and me, Andy has been a “full service” music teacher in that, among other things, he accompanied us to a recommended music store to research and obtain guitars and related equipment to begin our music lessons.

In teaching music to a wide range (both age and experience) of students, Andy always demonstrates his in-depth knowledge of music and music history with a professional and personable attitude. As result, the student is made to feel at ease and is encouraged to make rapid, significant progress in learning the guitar. Andy’s positive attitude and musical abilities in teaching are enhanced by his use of the latest electronic equipment in demonstrating, recording, and teaching the guitar. This aspect of his teaching allows the student to take home background “tracks” of music with which to work with as well as teach the student “how” to use this extensive electronic resource in learning music in general. 

Even in such a short time, both my son and I have progressed considerably in our knowledge and ability to play our respective instruments.”

     – Herb V.